A downloadable game for Windows

Build your own farm! Breed animals or specialize in agriculture.

Sell your products or invest them in improving your farm. In a low-poly tile environment you string hexagons together, search for suitable strategies and build until you become the master of all farms.


GameDesign & Development: Lara Kleinoeder

3D-Design: Sophia Strobl

2D-Artist: Sophie Wetterich

Music & Sounddesign: Daniela Rieger


HexaFarmSetup.exe 250 MB


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Hello, do you have plan to make this game available for Linux and Mac?

Hey! Nice work. I would recommend allowing you to sell goods from the inventory, showing the price that you'll get for them, rather than having to navigate a drop-down menu every time.

This is a pretty solid base, lots of options for production, looking forward to updates. :)